10 reasons why you should do a Solo Trip

Solo trip

Traveling with friends and family can be comfortable, fun and offering experience. It is convenient to just follow the guides of one person and enjoy the tour and skip the complexions of the arrangement of food, travel expenses, routes, and other stuff.

Traveling alone sounds like a boring trip or less enrich experience but it has its own distinctions. Many people who traveled alone for the first time say that they have memories and experiences of their extraordinary, eye-opening solo trips, which has changed their perception towards life and they are more likely to take another solo trip in future.

Apparently, there can be some safety concerns, but that can be taken care of by a little preparation and presence of mind. A solo trip is in the bucket list of a lot of people, but I think only a few complete it.

So if you want to know why you should do a solo trip? So here are 10 reasons to do a solo trip…

1. Boosts self confidence

why you should i do a solo trip

Traveling with family is comfortable but it keeps you in your bubble, when you go on a solo trip you are forced to step up and come out of your comfort zone.

Talking and dealing with people of a different culture than yours, 500 miles away from home in another city or town on your own, will make you self-dependent and will enhance your decision-making ability.

2. You have the complete control

freedom of choices

The best thing about traveling on your own is, you are the leader of the tour, you will plan the trip, take care of bills and select destinations. When you are on a group tour, you sometimes have to do things you do not want to or want to do differently. Traveling solo gives you the freedom to do things your way.

3. You can make mistakes

solo trip mistakes can be made

When you travel in a group, you cannot afford to make the wrong choices because it can also ruin their vacation time, so you just play safe and do the textbook things or whatever suits the group.

But on a solo trip, you can bear and can take the risk of failing, if anything does not work out you will not feel guilty and if anything goes wrong, you will gain experience from your mistakes.

4. You have the financial control

benefits of solo trip

You can decide whether you want to spend money on dinner in a luxury hotel or eat food at a restaurant where locals eat. Spend the money on anything you like or simply don’t if do not want to, you have complete authority and you can plan things according to how much your pocket allows. Whereas when you are with a group, you usually do things and spend on things which are often decided by all the members.

5. Freedom of being spontaneous

You have the complete freedom to improvise and change your plan at any moment. For instance, if you want to trek an extra mile or start your journey early morning or sleep till noon, you can decide till the very last moment.

6. You will find yourself

find your self in a solo trip

People who go on a solo trip share their experience as a spiritual one and life-changing; for instance, a lot of people do not come home the same as they were when they leave for their journey. There are enough chances that it will change your viewpoint toward a problem and to see the world.

7. Challenge yourself

how to challenge yourself

A solo trip can be challenging and can push you to get out of your comfort zone. You have to arrange the food, your stay, make your touring plan, manage your budget, carry your luggage and other stuff. It will dare you to do different things and ultimately you will come out as a winner.

8. Can travel by any means

bike solo ride

You can travel by any mode of transport. If you love riding a bike, you can go for a bike solo trip. Make as many checkpoints, break and stops in your journey. Travel by your own pace and enjoy the sights on your way to the destinations.

9. Do not have to depend on others

Millions of Goa plans are still unconcluded because, whenever you are going to make a plan. Someone in your squad will have one or another excuse to cancel the plan. However, the best thing about a solo trip is you can start your journey whenever you want to. For instance, you do not have to wait for the approval of your friends or colleagues.

Last but most importantly

10. Life long memories

memories of solo trip

You will make tens or hundreds of trips with your friend, family or colleagues. However, there might be only a handful of opportunities in your life when you will take a solo trip. The memories and experiences of your trip will be with you forever.

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