21 Mind-Boggling facts about Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar narcotics king

1.) Pablo Escobar earned the title “Robin hood” because he was very helpful to the poor; he built the hospitals, sponsored local football teams, builds stadiums and even builds houses for them. Pablo Escobar was also called as “Don Pablo” and “El Patron”

Pablo Escobar football team

Pablo Escobar with Atlético Nacional team players

2.) With his wealth and popularity in people, Pablo Escobar elected as an alternate member of the Congress of Colombia in the 1982 parliamentary election. However, later Pablo Escobar was forced to resign, as his criminal activities were exposed. The justice minister was assassinated who initiated the campaign.

Pablo Escobar in Colombian parliament

3.) In the1980s, an Estimate of 80% of drugs in the United States was supplied by Escobar’s Medellin Cartel.

Pablo Escobar drugs

4.)In 1976, Pablo Escobar (27 years) married Maria Vector Henao, she was only 15 when they married.

Pablo Escobar with his wife Maria Victoria Henao
Pablo Escobar with his wife Maria Victoria Henao

5.) Pablo Escobar was earning so much money that he bought a Learjet to transport money.

Pablo Escobar Learjet

6.) Escobar attained his childhood ambition of becoming a millionaire by the age of 22 after he joined the Alvaro Prieto, a drug smuggler who supplied the drugs around Medellin.

Pablo Escobar when he was young

7.) At the age of 13, Pablo Escobar vowed to be the president of Colombia by 30.

Pablo Escobar president ambition

8.) At the peak of his business, Pablo Escobar was smuggling an estimate of 15 tons of Cocaine every day to the United States through planes and ships.

Pablo Escobar cocaine smuggling

9.) Pablo Escobar was so frightened of extradition that he offered the Colombian government to pay the whole debt of Colombia of nearly $10 Billion; if the government agrees to changes the extradition law.

Pablo Escobar Extradition fear

10.) Escobar was making so much money that he was spending $2500 every month on rubber bands to tie up his money.

Pablo Escobar rubber band for his money

11.) Escobar featured in the Forbes list of richest people in the world seven times in a row, in its first edition, published in March 1987 and reached his best at seventh rank in 1989.

Pablo Escobar richest criminal

12.) In an operation to catch Escobar, Colombian authorities seized some of his possessions including 142 planes, 32 yachts, 20 helicopters, and 142 homes and offices. 

Pablo Escobar Airplane

13.) Pablo Escobar once burnt $2 Million to keep his daughter warm to avoid her from catching a cold; while they were in hiding.

Pablo Escobar burns money

14.) Escobar’s most significant property was between Bogota and Medellin know as Hacienda Napoles, spread in 7,000 acres, including a soccer field, artificial lakes, zoo, and other luxurious things; reportedly costing over $60 million. Now it is a popular tourist spot.

Pablo Escobar Property Hacienda Napoles

15.) Escobar planned the bombing of Avianca Flight 203, to kill the presidential candidate Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, killed all 107 people present in the plane. Gaviria survived as he did not board the flight.

Pablo Escobar bombed avianca 203

16.) In a ludicrous agreement with the Colombian government, Escobar served the prison time in his own made prison called La Catedral; However, the so-called prison was so luxurious that it had the swimming pool, football pitch, Spa, nightclub and casino. Certainly, the prison became Pablo Escobar’s operation center to run his business and moreover, it was guarded by his own men.

Pablo Escobar Personal prison

17.) After becoming the king of Medellin Cartel and at the peak of his cocaine smuggling business; Pablo Escobar was making over $400 million per week.

Pablo was earning over 400 m in a week

18.) Pablo Escobar killed over 4000 people which includes murdering 1000 police offices, 200 judges, Journalists, Government officials, and over 1800 innocent people.

Pablo Escobar killed over 4000 people

19.) Pablo Escobar’s Zoo in Puerto Triunfo was home to more than 200 animals; including zebras, ostriches, elephants, camels, giraffes and many more. He brought them from the foreign countries in his planes which were used for the smuggling cocaine.

After the death of Pablo Escobar, animals were transferred to the zoos; However, four hippopotamuses were left behind and soon hippos multiplied and increased up to 40 by 2016. As a result, hippos damaged the land of local farmers and became the cause for fear in locals.

Escobar and his zoo

20.) Around 10% of Pablo Escobar’s money, which is estimated at over $2 billion in cash was squandered every year mostly by the rats.

Escobar 10 percent income was eaten by rats

21.) At the age of 44 when Pablo Escobar died 25000 people attended his funeral.

Pablo Escobar funeral was attended by more than 25000 people

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