Sebastian Marroquin the son of Pablo Escobar

Sebastian marroquin

Sebastian Marroquin (birth name Juan Pablo Escobar Henao) popular for being the son of Pablo Escobar, was born on 24th February 1977 in Medellin, Colombia.

Sebastian Marroquin changed his name as he was afraid that he would get identified by his father’s enemy who would kill him and his family.

young juan escobar with father pablo escobar
Young Juan Pablo Escobar with his father Pablo Escobar

Sebastian, his mother Maria Victoria Henao, and Sister Manuela Escobar fled to Argentina on a tourist visa and later became the citizen of the country. He completed his degree in Architecture and now lives with his wife and son in Buenos Aires.

Sebastian with his mother and sister
Sebastian with his mother and sister

In Argentina, Sebastian works as an architect and also writes books. He authored the book called “Pablo Escobar: My Father” under his birth name Juan Pablo Escobar. Sebastian Marroquin does not want to be associated with his father’s name and any of his businesses.

However, his family does sell Pablo Escobar’s belongings from time to time and in addition; they also tried to register Pablo Escobar’s name three times as a brand but failed to do so.

Sebastian stated in an interview, that he will contribute the part of the money earned from his business ventures to the families in Colombia which suffered due to his father.

sebastian marroquin

An Argentine documentary movie called “The Sins of my father” which was directed by Nicolas Entel, released in 2009; focused on the Sebastian and the sons of the Colombian politician and Minister of justice who were killed by Pablo Escobar.

In the documentary, Sebastian apologizes for the bloodshed by his father in Colombia to the families which were affected and pleaded for the peace and end of the revenge cycle.

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